Why we can only help  your child to progress at Gifted Kids School. Here are our qualities when introducing intervention program. With our small student to teacher ratio, now you can  be assured that your kids are at good care. Intervention program are meant to help kids to go back to normal and we believe we can achieved it easily

  • We provide close proximity to the teacher or the teacher’s assistant.
  •  We implement procedures that are well understood by all your students to keep noise levels at an acceptable level.
  • We create a special class taking tests, and/or revise existing seating to accommodate students who more acutely need to be free of distractions for ultimate success.
  • We eliminate as much clutter as you can. This will also help keep distractions to a minimum.
  • We Try to avoid presenting instructions or directions only verbally. Use graphic organizers, as well as written or graphical instructions.
  • We interact with parents regarding the progress of the child
  • We gradually assimilate special needs to our existing students and progressively monitor them