How do Gifted kid School benefit your child

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is designed for each child to help them achieve their educational goals at their own pace. Classes are taught based on the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum while taking into consideration the individual needs and developmental needs of the child such as:

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Social skills
  • Verbalization and Communication skills
  • Play skills

 The four core IGCSE subjects taught:

  • BM

Teaching strategies and activities to support the students learning:

  • Visual Learning (e.g. flashcards, pictures, videos)
  • Fun Learning (e.g. songs, dance)
  • One to one tutor classes
  • Small class sizes
  • Arts and Crafts / Music
  • Group Exercise/Activity
  • Gross Motor & Fine Motor Training
  • Sensory Therapy
  • International curriculum
  • Field Trips and Educational Trips
  • School and student centric fun event